We are the Automotive Testing Group

What we do

Smiley face The team resides at Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Our projects are focused on automotive electronics. Our interests are vehicle communications, measurements, and testing of the electronics systems or their parts on various test levels. As an academic team, we partake in a variety of activities that cover research, teaching (including training), and the development of various test equipment based on industry demand. We can offer expert knowledge in the field of automotive electronics. Our team has also a long history of collaboration with industrial partners, including Škoda Auto or Digiteq Automotive. For an overview of ongoing and past projects and more, see the Projects section.

Smiley face The picture depicts one of our most significant projects – the development of a Hardware-in-the-Loop testbed in cooperation with Škoda Auto and Digiteq Automotive. This platform is used for running integration tests of nearly complete car electronics. The core of the testbed is the NI PXIe instrumentation platform with EtherCAT distributed I/O. An example of our contribution is specialized CAN and LIN equipment for individual message manipulation. Would you be interested in collaborating with us on a similar project (see the Offers section), do not hesitate to contact us. We are constantly looking for initiative-taking, initiative-taking students interested in cars to help us with our academic endeavors.

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+420 22435 2807

CTU in Prague, FEE, Room T2:B3-458
Technická 1902/2
Prague 6
Czech Republic
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